Fit4Mii is a fitness platform that enables fitness members to really explore their fitness interests, whilst having the time and budget to do so, as everything is online.

For trainers entering into our business, our aim is to make our trainers as successful as possible in their online-and in-person fitness business endeavours.

We provide wrap-around support, from on-boarding, to sales training, to client support services (supporting you, in supporting your clients). Instead of a trainer having a close base of clients that is their main source of income, they also have a base which is spread out globally with whom they train online.

Fit4Mii's 3 main services:

Live and interactive group video classes with clients from all over the world.

These group classes are for paid members. Others can try them out for free on "trial / demo" promotions. These will be your largest group of clients. If people enjoy your classes, they are likely to try one of your pre-recorded or personal training packages. The revenues from this are split with Fit4Mii. Please see table attached for the revenues. We ask that trainers teach a minimum of two hours per month (regular times and days), if the trainer wishes to run more classes, they can charge a higher / doubled membership as an "upgrade".

Pre-recorded course packages (say "beach body 6 week plan")

These packages are a fantastic stream of income. They also give you the chance to get to know your members much better. We recommend having 3 levels of packages:

  • 1 package being short sessions and free, to give potential clients the opportunity to explore more, and you a chance to get to know the client better.
  • The second set can be 'reasonably priced' packages which are more detailed and the sessions are longer.
  • Lastly, the serious packages which will help clients to achieve long term goals. The price of these packages will likely be higher, and we recommend that trainers price factoring in that they may need to have regular check-ins with the clients. The revenues from this are split with Fit4Mii

Personal training / Private group class facilitation

You are able to deliver personal training sessions via Fit4Mii. The payments are processed via the trainer's payment gateways. We drive leads to the personal trainer's, we use personality-matching and client's fitness preferences and goals to pair the members with trainers. For in-person services the location is factored in too. Fit4Mii does not split the revenues for Personal training bookings.

We aim for our fitness members to be successful in their fitness journeys, and our trainers to be successful in their careers. And we believe that when our members and our trainers are happy working out under our umbrella, that Fit4Mii will be a huge success, and w'ell all be working towards a happier and healthier global community.


Fit4Mii is a platform that aims to make fitness accessible and affordable to the masses. And this is reflected in our membership structure and pricing.

Choose your plan
Starter Plan
Monthly plan
Free profile set up.
Create free and pre-paid packages
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Prime Plan
Monthly Plan
Free profile set up.
Create free and pre-paid packages
Build a membership base from Fit4Mii members
Receive leads from Fit4Mii
Members are able to contact you via Fit4Mii
Receive gifts to give to your clients form Fit4Mii
support 9am-5pm, Monday- Friday
Premium Plan
Monthly plan
Free profile set up.
Create free and pre-paid packages
Build a membership base from Fit4Mii members
Receive leads from Fit4Mii
Members are able to contact you via Fit4Mii
Receive gifts to give to your clients form Fit4Mii
Unlimited live sessions (classes or 1-to-1 / small group sessions)
24/7 support
Discounts on homepage highlighted profile advertising

The First Steps...

Joining the team


First of course the legal bits -contracts, release forms and payout forms. Then the building of your Fit4Mii profile, and familiarising yourself with the platform layout and functions. We also do branding consultations, marketing advice, website , payment gateway set up support. Basically we get you as ready as possible to communicate your personality and methodology as a personal trainer. Ultimately this will be the most effective way to ensure that you are fully-booked. I had a look at your site, and from our call, I do think your branding represents you and it is . But any area that you may need help with, we will have someone on the team who can help. We also have a PT hub on our site, where you can learn filming techniques, space set up etc.

Product Building

This is where you decide your packages for all 3 levels, and you start to produce the content. we suggest having at least 1 package that is free, one that is 'reasonably priced' to start you off. Then you have you live classes to devise; the order, the days/ times. We will advise and guide but you have full-reign on what you teach. We do this to maximise promotion reach and chances of conversion. The Only other expectation is that the trainer is only teaching what they are qualified to teach.

Product development

First we start doing some internal live sessions for testing, lighting and sound in your filming locations. The time frame for this is difficult to say as it depends from person-to person, how quickly they pick it up. Once good location / lighting and sound has been agreed, you use that information to start to film your packages. You can in the meantime invite your current clients, to workout with you on the platform for free.

Going Live

Once you are fully set up on the platform, you can start to go live!